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Global of Children Model 2010

Global of Children Model The Competition organizer is America World Beauty Organization, head quartered located in New York, the organization was supported by so many medias and corporates in U.S. Since 1986,it has been successfully held 25 sessions, players from 20 countries and regions.The organization also owns the right to host many annual events of Angel Bikini of the Universe and Global Miss Tourism of the City , is the major organization of international beauty pageant which has most Global Patent and Trademark Registrations. Competition as “love begins from me, harmony depends on everybody”for the purpose, and select the spokesperson for social charity and social welfare activities, has played an inestimable role for children to broadly participate in social activities,and improve their social integration. Global of Children Model Global Children Model is a legitimate event owned by America World Beauty Organization, The tournament is registered by MS.YARINA Catherine Elizabeth in Columbia in 1986, held for 8 sessions in the Amazonas Province, the event went to the world in 1994.In 2011, authorized by the Global Children Model organized, Elant Network Media obtained warrant of Global Children Model Organizing Committee and as the sole authorized enforcement agency of Global Children Model in China. Global of Children Model

By roadcases - October 20th, 2011, 22:48, Category: General
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